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1 Transacties on Saturday is Tabbo fo Indian Businessmen

    Suresh Rewa, an Indonesian Citizen with an Indian Origin, who was born in South    Sulawesi explaned to Pro that Saturday is a day when Rahwana Goddes is angry, accord   ing to the Hindu Holy book Weda, thereefore  its is not good for business transaction.

    Positionary in International Market: Contractor of Gapensi are requested to catch the  opprtunities in the international market.

  3. Receipee for Sustaineble Business

    This article discusses how the king of oil Rochefulles his busi­ness sustaineble in the         post and how Gillette and Gaismen, at present do the some thing in different condition and situation, Althought They both experince big challenges which sometimes entertain and some times cause headach.

    Lontara (Palm) vibre handicrafformen are unable to fulfill mark­ket demand: The        product of Takalar’s palm vibre, handicraft are unable to respod to market demand of local and overseas.

6.  Maros is Waiting for Investor: Maros agency is ready to wellcome the regional au  tonomy era, by preparing potential data of its natural resources to attract investors.

7. Prof. Dr H. Zainuddin Thaha: It is Missleading, to Enter Higher Education for a Civil Servant Position: Entering higher Education institution for a Civil Servant Position is missleading, accor­diong to Prof Dr  Zauinuddin Thaha,  Graduates must be able  to create jobs according to their expertise and specialization.

    Universitas Islam of Makassar (UIM) must incover the succes of the former: The audency visit of Prof Zainuddin Thaha (Rector of UIM) adviced that the knowlegde of agricultural tecnology sholud aim at the improvment of the former’s welfare.

8. Hopefully No more second Crisis: This article  describes the roles of Contractor’s union in national economy. It is an inter­view with the General Chairman of Gapensi (Contractor’s Union) of Sout Sulawesi whichelaborates the programs and edeas taken for the 10th national convenmtion of the Union is semary.

10. Advice from Bugis Makassar Aucestors

    In this article, Three legendaries of Bugis Makassar, or Karaetta ri Cenrana (Prince of Cenrana) Arung Bila (Prince of Arung Bila) Matinroe ritanana and the elderly give some examples of positive as well as negatrive conduct in business some of them strees upon honesty, and others stress upon good deeds and hard work. Exam­ples of negative conduct are greedy, arragement, deny his chli­dren, inheritage bad deeds and conduct.

Managers often forget them selves

Managers are busy. They work 10 hours a day 6 hours a week. They get worried of their work all the time and serve their clients on holidays. Family have to learn to be more independent and loose emotional touch, and the managers learn to seek for another sweetheart, his business.

12. Governor Hiramatsu Promoted Regional AS Autonomy (III) (One Vil­lage one Commodity by movement). Governor Hirtamatsu explained how to promotes par         ticular commdity for particular village throught exhebitions. The commodity them     become the face (charac­teristic) of the village. He also explaned how the face of the     head, secretary, and treasure of the villageis exhibited as subtitute tyo his failure to identify his poarticular product.

    Walking Corp, an atraction to Polmas Tourism: This is a legend of hundreds of         years is the post. This post custom is still inheret­ed by present generaton who mainly apply their knowlegde on animals like buf falos and finghting cochs.

14. Ir Hamzah Asmun: His Academic Experinece is used for former

    A Former child of Pinrang City, apply his knowledge of aricul­ture, abtained in the university, tohelp the formers to open job field.

    Used to be a  worker, now hi is a boss:Adriadi in 1970 used to be a worker in a         shring company in his brith place Semarang.He now has become th boss of PT Sittomas Mulya Sakti located in PT KIMA Makassar(Makassar Industrial Estate).

15. Gowa Paper Factory (PKG) will become Wore House Area: Syahrul Yasin Limpo, SH (The head of Gowa Regency) suggested thet Gowa paper factory be swetced to wore houses to accommodate local commodity,trade to other places.

    Coral reef is only a remain at present: Indonesia coral reef used to reach an area of 60.000 Km2. This is only a hystory of thepost, because most of them have been demaged by the used modern tecnology such as bomb.