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Indonesia Port Corporation IV is a state owned company in the communication sector which was established in Ujung Pandang. It manages 21 commercial ports in provinces of South Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi, North Sulawesi, East Kalimantan, Maluku, and Irian Jaya.
Port Makassar is the biggest port within Indonesia Port Corporation IV. it also gate port in Eastern Indonesia, wiyh a hinterland consisiting of agriculture. industry, and fishery, as well as existence of an Industrial zone (KIMA).
Port of Makassar is one of the fiveports in Indonesia appointed by the government to implement "One Point Services Center". This kind of sevices is given in order to help the port user complete their documents easily
1. Port basin width 15.195 sqm Breakwater 1.581Ha
2. Shore width 50,78 Ha Top loaders 2 units
3. Reach stackers 2 units Spreaders 5 units
4. Tug boats 3 unit Forklifts 4 units
5. Cranes 3 units Fire eng. 1 units
6. Head trucks 4 units Chassis 12 units
a. Soekarno Terminal b. Hatta Terminal
- Length 1.360 m - Length 1.124 m
- Depth - 9 Lws - Depth - 12 Lws
- Warehouse 19.000 sqm - Cont.yard 75.000 sqm
- Open storage 74.051 sqm - CFS 4.000 sqm
- Passenger Terminal 3.6000 sqm - ReeferCont. handling 36 plug
- Reservoir Capacity 1.000 ton - Reservoir Capacity 1.000 Ton
c. Paotere Terminal
- Length 532,50 m
- Depth -5 m
- Open Storage 14.726,23 sqm

Export Commodity by Destination From Makassar Port, 1999

Import Commodity to Makassar Port, 1999