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The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of South Sulawesi was established 27 November 1972 by Mr. A.A. Rivai who become the chairman of the chamber from 1972 to 1975, and his secretary was Drs. H.M. Jusuf Kalla. During this period the member of the chamber were only 30 members.
After A.A. Rivai, the chairman of the chamber has been successively deseended to :
1. H.Sjafiouddin From 1975 to 1982
2. Drs. H.M. Jusuf Kalla from 1982 to March 1999
in March 6, 1999 the chairman of the chamber has been taken over by H.M. Aksa Mahmud from Drs. Jusuf Kalla, Along with his appointment, the board of chairman and the executive secretary of the chamber have also been handed over to new board of chairman (
figure1) and board of secretary (figure2)
Now, in the October 5, 1999 the registered number of members of the chamber is 2477 individual members, and 5 associations/trade unions.
The chamber of commerce and industry of South Sulawesi provides to the businessmen in the country and overseas, especially to the members the South Sulawesi chamber of commerce and industry. The types of services are :
Business and Market Information
Business Consult
Olther services