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These days, "Kalosi Coffee" indicates the products that from the rather low region, while "Toraja Coffee" comes from much higher mountain areas of Toraja. The Coffee comes only from specified producing areas in the Toraja Highlands and processed with the utmost care to keep to the strictly high quality standards. We are very proud of the high quality of Toraja Coffee


Cocoa beans from South Sulawesi is one of the best quality cocoa beans in the world. Approximately sixty percent of the national export of cocoa beans are produced in South Sulawesi.  Most of them are   produced in small scale peasant plantation industries scattered in 23 regencies of  South Sulawesi. Real product of 1997 was 131.759 tons.  Potential product is 472.947 tons, and the target product of 2001 is 200.000 tons in the area of 232.694 Ha.  The export of 1998 was 178.864 tons, valued $ 249 millions. 

Potato breeding is a relatively new commodity business in South Sulawesi. Malino which is situted at the foot of Lompobattang Mountain - in the regency of Gowa, and Kalosi at the foot of Latimojong mountain - in Enrekang are the centers of potato production in South Sulawesi. In both of centers there are approximately 1,000 Ha of potato plantation, 600 Ha is in Enrekang and the rest is in Malino. The average product is 7,0 Ton/Ha each harvesting. In a number of places in Enrekang, the rate of production is only 4 to 5 ha/harvesting. This is either caused by the breeding system on the use of inappropriate selection of seed. Granola variety dominates potato breeding in South Sulawesi, while the Atlantic variety has been started in its early stage. Besides supplying local South Sulawesi market, South Sulawesi product supplies East Kalimantan as a target market