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Bambapuang tourist zone development is still dependent upon its natural beauty. One among other potentials to be developed relates to this study is the development of natural tourism potential of Bambapuang mountain, located around Buttu Kabobong, which is supported by the regional transportation road network connecting Enrekang and Tana Toraja Regency
The most potential of Bambapuang tourist zone is the beauty of mountain natural Panorama which stretches along the regional transportation route. 
Other potential available is the river, Mata Allo, which can be used as water sport facility. The location of Bambapuang tourism zone is 6 km from the city center of Enrekang, a location where local and overseas tourist pass by in their visit to Tana Toraja. The width of the area, according to the regency planning is 2,000 Ha. $0% is available for building and 6% is an open zone. Some facilities are available in this zone, such as, water tourism facility, accommodation, trading, trading shopping center and other facilities.